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the McQueen Magnetic Eyelashes

What are the McQueen Magnetic Eyelashes?

What are the McQueen Magnetic Eyelashes?
What are the McQueen Magnetic Eyelashes? the McQueen Magnetic Eyelashes ... Wir suchen selbstständige Verkäufer und Verkäuferinnen

You are an expert in beauty and you always wanted to turn your passion into a job? Or are you already successfully running a beauty-salon and you are looking for new ideas and innovations?
So we are the perfect partner!
We are looking for independent salespeople or a beauty-studio for our McQueen Magnetic Eyelashes! How it works?
We would like to show you here.

What are the McQueen Magnetic Eyelashes?

The Magnetic Eyelashes named after the famous fashion label McQueen are soft, full and natural magnetic eyelashes. In contrast to expensive eyelash extensions or the time-consuming gluing of artificial eyelashes, these eye-catchers convince with their simple handling: You will receive two eyelash arches that you insert so that your natural eyelashes are exactly between the two arches. One arch above, one arch below your lashes, click, done! Due to the integrated magnet, the artificial eyelashes hold and do not slip. No smearing with mascara or glue eyelashes anymore!
With the innovation from the USA, stars and starlets amaze with an overwhelming look! Be there and bring the McQueen Magnetic Eyelashes to all women who value beauty! Pimp your natural lashes with this all-time favorite. This light lash style with whispy-accents adapts to your natural lashes and your eyes.

How do we work together?

We and your own Eyelashes-Shop

You earn from the sale of our products with predetermined prices in your beauty studio or independently in the field. Visit trade fairs and beauty events and you will notice how easily and quickly you can convince numerous customers of the McQueen Magnetic Eyelashes!
We also let you earn some money online: Advertise customers who order from our online shop with your seller-identifikation-number and we will give you a fair and generous commission in the sale. Use your Facebook- and Instagram-profile and earn money on the side! You are also in the right place with your own YouTube beauty channel! Present the eyelash-innovation to your followers and cash in on every single sale! On this way you have two effects: You get more followers and you also receive money for it! It is so easy! With us you start your own eyelash-sales on commission!

Are there any conditions?

Any. You don't have to buy a minimum quantity of McQueen Magnetic Eyelashes from us, and there are also no time limits for the sale. You are welcome to purchase a certain number of McQueen Magnetic Eyelashes for your business in order to have a supply. Or you can sell online with your identification-number - whatever you want!
Try it out and get into a lucrative business - risk-free and simple!

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